Friday, 15 December 2006

Before St Austell’s face Lift, lets all have a face lift.

As a proud St Austell resident I am as despondent as the next regarding the status, current – and future – of our town center. What was once a drab and dismal excuse for a municipal core has now descended into a monstrous excuse for a bomb site. We all know this, and we all know that until the council, the cinema fetishists and Tescos sort out their act, this is the way it will stay.
However, just because our town is in such a sorry state does it really mean that the residents have to follow suit. Please, I implore you, my fellow Snozzelians, do try to make an effort with your appearance.
Go to Truro, London or New York and you will notice that the citizens of these places spend some time on their appearance. Women might use conditioner, men might wear something other than track suit bottoms that have gone all “bubbly”. Many shops in the town center sell clothes and products aimed specifically at making people look and feel better. A dash of lipstick. A smattering of gel. The radiance of a well shaved face.
I don’t expect Fore Street to become a cat-walk but wouldn’t it be nice if we could all muck in and try to brighten up each others days by not looking like escapees from a dress-down boot camp.
The next couple of years could be our towns darkest hours, lets not let them grind us down. All it takes is a little zing.
C K Chesterton
Moreland Road
St Austell

(This was originally published as a letter in the Cornish Guardian in July 2004)

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