Saturday, 30 December 2006

Review: Upstairs at Pippa's, Truro.

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, this reviewer lived every weekend on the dark side. No matter how high my heels- and they were, as a rule, dizzyingly high- I'd spend Friday and Saturday nights shaking my stuff on nightclub dancefloors. But once the tights I was wearing got older than the majority of the other punters prancing around me, I kind of lost interest.

So imagine my surprise on stumbling (those heels!) upon an oasis for twenty- and thirty-something disco divas in Truro: Pippa's nightspot. Located above the retro/bovine themed Pippa's Steakhouse and boasting similarly seventies inspired decor, Pippa's nightspot is a real find. The tiny dancefloor grooves to everything from old-skool hip-hop to classic disco, with a party atmosphere helped along by the drinks at bar, rather than club prices. And there's not a teenager vomiting alcopops down the back of the seats in sight. Result!

Closing at two am, and costing only two pounds to get in (free if you eat downstairs), Pippa's nightspot is a great value night. I'll definitely be staggering up there again sometime soon.


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