Tuesday, 13 March 2007

St Austell Woolworths in Racist Packing Tape Fiasco.

I was just in St Austell. I purchased a delightfully tasty coronation chicken sandwich from Smorger's and then proceeded to Woolworths where I knew I could find some packing tape.

£2.50 for a roll.

I checked to see if it was the diamantee packing tape, but it wasn't, it was bog standard. I decided not to purchase it until I had checked out "Ye Old" Evans Home Hardware at the top of the market house.

The same size roll, 99p!

In some posts on midcornwall.com there is a message, in others, there is not. In this one there is this message: Don't shop at local shops because you feel that you are helping the little guy fight off the corporate juggernaut, shop local because its cheaper - at least for packing tape.

Evanas Home Hardware, "We salute you". 01726 73777

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