Thursday, 5 July 2007

The BRIT Awards June 2007

Thanks for voting in the first Best Resturant In Truro Award, the results are in. The first in the list is the best and the last is the objectively worst resturant in Truro.

  1. Katmandu Palace
  2. Stingi Lulu's
  3. Pippa's
  4. Manning's
  5. Chantek
  6. Carbonara
  7. Ganges
  8. Pizza Express
  9. One Eyed Cat
  10. The Norway Inn

Quite a few surprises this month then. I'm surprised at the One Eyed Cat coming second last because its always been a classy yummalicious resturant from my experience. Its also quite interesting that 3 out of the top 4 have apostrophies. So stay tuned next month and we can see what has happened. To vote email as described here:

The BRIT Awards: Vote for The Best Resturant In Truro Every Month On


Anonymous said...

not sure about the first ...but the last could well be last

Anonymous said...

Katmandu nice food soggy poppadoms

Anonymous said...

What about Bustophers?!!!!