Thursday, 31 January 2008

January 2008 was Worst Month ever for Blog.

Its official, unless I rapidly post, like, 5 blog posts today, before the month is out, then this month will be the worst in terms of posting since the now WORLD FAMOUS Blog started way back when......


"About 13 months ago..."


I could provide many reasons why this month has been so lax, but only one of the following is true:

  1. Being a practitioner of Dharma I felt that January 2008 was an auspicious time for quite refection both internally and online. I wanted people to come to the blog, and on seeing it hadn't been updated, pause for thought... and maybe in that moment of mental stasis... become mindful of what Mid Cornwall really means.
  2. I have my Ipod touch, I'm totally in love with it, especially now its jailbroken so that it has these awesome games and apps, its quite a distraction from writing blog posts. I am even writing poems to it.
  3. THE HEGEMONY have decided that my writing and analysis is too penetrative and too dangerous to allow this blog to continue. Thus, by clandestine decree, they have undertaken to silence me using state of the art EM Countermeasures that have rendered my home and much else of Zone 1 Truro really poor for communal WiFi access. (OI! Zaffiros, don't be so tight!! Free WIFI is Free Advertising!!)

Anyways.... excuses over.... I may write some more, and the only reason I'm writing now is because of the comments the the last post which, I must say, little in number though they were, were catalytic to this post :)

So... thanks for reading, I'll try to keep writing...


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Think of it like getting google to build your own online real time newspaper just how you want it, for free, from any web source pretty much. Ace:)

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