Thursday, 15 May 2008

What is the Purpose of Life in Cornwall?

The natural state of reality is systemless. It is disorder not order. It is less rather than more. It is simple rather than complex. It is low in value and information. The natural state of reality is devoid of complex and connected systems.

Persistence is existence into the future. Given the natural systemless state of reality the only systems that can persist are those that are able to defeat the collapse into the natural state.

Imagine a system at a point in time. If we accept the Law of Impermanence then it follows that this system must change at some point in it's future. This change can either increase the system's arcitechtonics (make the system more organised, structured, connected) or it can decrease it. The natural direction is for systems to decrease arcttechtonically.

All of everything is tending towards nothing and it is only the persistence of systems, you, me the galaxy, that holds this of.

The very root fundamental purpose of life, traceable through a linear and continuous, though vague, path down through the scaled of abstraction;
Beneficial states persist.

The foundational fact of systems is that beneficial states persists. The beak of a finch, a job promotion, the distribution of matter in the universe, beneficial states persist.

The fittest survive. The beneficial persist. In many ways these are trivial and tautological, but in in understanding this tautology with the systems framework you can see why things are as they are. They are as they are because of enough impermanence (time and change and possibility) to allow increasingly more complex systems to emerge from more simple systems.

That is why we are here. The purpose of being here is to continue the persistence of systems. And the method of doing this is by increasing beneficial states within systems.

There is no fundamental meaning to life in Cornwall, in the way there is no fundamental meaning to a joke, but there is a fundamental purpose to life in Cornwall.



Anonymous said...

This would carry a lot more wait if you could spel.

Mat Ripley said...

You sound like Mr Watson (English Teacher, Tregony, the 80's).

This is all first draft but yes, its bad spelling.



Saltash said...

My ole man worked down the mines and forced me to work hard and after many years I realised that hard work was a good ethic but true success could come utilising the power of the mind and the FACT yes fact you can have anything you want so long you want it enough, most of the Cornish people I know only focus on the negative and that is what they receive more of. To moan that you feel oppressed only bring more oppression whilst to focus on escaping oppression will see you escape, but you have to want it enough to create the aura.

Mary said...

Saltash could you help me with my new blog