Monday, 9 May 2011

Capitol City Bonkers

She is mighty like a tiger,
Painted on an Old Ladie's T-Pot,
She got it with petrol in 1989,
That time,
They drove past the Taymar, and up just past the Tyne,

Now the mighty city rocks and rolls where the three rivers cross,
But really they are streams, and mostly they are hidden,
Until they splatter out, a sludgy sludge into the neck of the slop, 
The foul mouth of Fal,  
Once the Germans wanted to pay to take the silt away,
Clear the city's throat and douche the city's moat,
To make bricks, "Probably for bunkers."
Truro turned them down on pennies in a pound,
And that, my friends is Bonkers:/

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