Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Images of Uxu

Many people outside of Cornwall are unaware of the remains of Uxu, the lost ancient city that was probably twinned with Atlantis.

A pillar carved from White Luxullianite, the undeciphered pictographic script can be clearly seen. This rock was not quarried nearby, but on the other side of the valley, nearly half a mile away.

It is unknown what this kind of pillar was created for. Twice the hight of a human. 

Most of Uxu has been destroyed by the Victorians so this is, very very rare. - That corner would, fifteen millennia ago, been inside a room.

The basement of one of the giant twin courtyards. This is in the restricted area.

Here we see modern (early Bronze Age) wall in the foreground with strewn facing stones in the background.

The top of one of only two of the Uxu Obelisks. One was excavated by The Victorians, it was two hundred meters, only in yards, tall. Ground Penetrating radar carried out by Time Team estimated this particular obelisk to be even taller.

Strewn Giant Facing Stones; these were three hundred meters up the side of the Uxu Citadel. What could have hurled them so far?

Twice the height of the Great Pyramid.

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