Wednesday, 17 January 2007

Cornish DVDs rejected by Pirates

On the internet it is possible to illegally download or "pirate" any video or DVD ever made simply by visiting sites such as or From next summer’s blockbusters to obscure soviet era agricultural propaganda videos, no problemo. Need that Hidi epic? The one re-dubbed in Urdu that all your friends are raging about, not an issue. The internet will provide. Unless, that is, you want to pirate Cornish DVDs.

Our researchers, who are very against piracy, decided to investigate this conspiracy and found that, no matter where you go online, including the freenet and metanet or any of the innumerable P2P networks, the Cornish video stock is censored to the point of totality. (We did find a copy of Blue Juice, but it turned out to be a bad cam copy).

Jethro, speaking from his home in Devon.

A number of local celebrities are starting to pick up arms against the internet pirates, many of whom come from places that are not Cornwall. Top Cornish Comedian and BNP founder Jethro has complained to the internet pirates on his website citing it as "unfair" that they wont pirate his works. He states:

“’ere you *^$%*~% foreign &^%, was wrong wiv me *%^%ing DVDs hey? Proper job!”

Check back for further updates on this story.

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