Wednesday, 17 January 2007

Newsflash: Two Sad Losses For Cornwall in one Week

We would like to offer our condolences to Rick Stein who lost his beloved dog Chalky today.

Chalky was a loveable dog whose many high jinxes on, and off, camera earned him the title “little scamp”.

Chalky, a ratting dog, was born in 1990 near to Padstow and has loved and worked with Mr Stein for all of his life.

Mr Stein said of his erstwhile pooch, “"He traveled all over the British Isles and Ireland... he got up to some mighty capers.”

All of Mr Stein’s eighteen establishments in Padstow, including the new petrol station, will remain closed until a suitable period of grieving is over. Chalky died in a fight with a seagull on the harbour wall.

RIP Chalky Stein 1990 -2007

Also today Cornwall looses its most important MP, Matthew Taylor who is retiring to open a Paintball park in Grampound.

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