Tuesday, 30 January 2007

Great Restormel Roast Review: The Britannia Inn, St Austell. GRRR#4

So it's the Sunday after the night before, and what better way to follow Saturday's brief encounter than with a beef encounter; Great Restormel Roast Review style.

Nursing hangovers, guilt and the occasional flashback, the normal gaggle of co-reviewers were not available. My domestic assistant and the little people had to attend a function at Ben's Play World and so I had the following dilemma:

  1. Spend my Sunday with dozens of screaming little people eatings crisps.
  2. Go for a solo roasting (the last time I went for a solo roasting was on Hampstead Heath. The gravy was superb).
Forgoing family ties and memories of wonderful times together, I chose option 2. For reasons of proximity to the aforementioned Play World, I went to The Britannia Inn.

The Britannia Inn

When I told my friend Dave that I was going to the "The Brit" for a roast he said something very close to "No No No No ..No". I was kind of with him, but in the name of the GRRR it had to be done. We have eaten there a few times, especially in the Summer, as it has the best outdoor area in the area by a long way. It's practically Disneyland. But the food has never been great and one or two times it has been pretty yuck- I think it's a law or Cornish nature that the quality of pub food is inversely proportionate to the quantity of tourists.

Don't get me wrong, I don't think the Brit is a bad pub, it's just not in the same league as a lot of local pubs -especially in the ambiance/charm/atmosphere stakes.

The Meal


  • The beef - was pretty good. Nice "pure meat" slices and not overcooked. Defo the second best beef in the GRRR so far.
  • Gravy - This was top notch. Beefy and thick. The kind of gravy that makes you take stock of your Sunday, and, perhaps in a wider sense, your life.
  • Roasties - Beauties! Couldn't fault them: crispy and yummy.
  • Veggies - Not bad. Savoy cabbage was good. The carrots were really thinly sliced which again, was a welcome new twist to what is an oft maligned root vegetable.


  1. The price - It was £8.95 for the roast and a dessert. I didn't want a dessert and yet I was forced to pay full price. This "forced free price hike" is a rubbish idea. When I voiced my concerns the waitress, who was very nice, made out like I had just declared Jihad on the pub.

Score and Conclusions

Unless you're eating outside, the Brit Its not really a very nice pub for a eating. It's big and a bit Harvestery and is a far cry in location from the area's better situated hostelries. But the roast was good, no mistake.

Official GRRR score for The Britannia Inn: 7/10

Telephone: 01726 812889

The GRRR Charts

1st The Western Inn, St Austell – 8/10

2nd The Britannia Inn, St Austell – 7/10

3rd The Polgooth Inn, Polgooth – 6/10

4th The Ship Inn, Lerynn – 4/10

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