Thursday, 25 January 2007

Review: One Eyed Cat Restaurant, Truro.

As far as I'm concerned, the name 'One Eyed Cat' ranks alongside 'Pink Taco' in its cringeworthy tawdriness. Thus I hadn't been tempted by the bar/restaurant in Truro of the same name until yesterday, when I went there to meet a friend for lunch. And I can now reveal that the smutty monicker is in no way representative of the quality of the eaterie itself.

The venue is fantastic: a tiny gothic church conversion with a trendy red and rococo interior. The chilled out sounds that accompanied my lunch are replaced in the evening, I'm told, by something more upbeat, and more in keeping with the extensive cocktail list, from £4. The bistro style food menu is dominated by fresh fish and pizza, with starters from £3.95 and mains from around £6, with a good range of specials on the board with a similar vibe. Which is why I was taken aback to note that the most expensive item on the menu was a staggering £13.50 for a pizza, would you believe (Thai king prawn, since you ask, but still- a pizza).

No condiments appeared on the table but otherwise the service was good and the server most presentable.

My dining companion had the Thai fishcakes for lunch, and I the roasted vegetable ciabatta, accompanied by nothing stronger than a sparkling water. The ciabatta, at £6.95, was piping hot and stuffed with good fresh vegetables and goats' cheese: a little oily, bland, but enjoyable. It was served with a salad which wasn't exactly in Prada but was, at least, dressed. My dining companion's creme fraiche and chili sauce were in short supply but otherwise her fishcakes were good.

Verdict: great to look at and filling if not exactly thrilling to eat.

Food: 7/10

Decor: 8/10
Service: 7/10
Value: 7/10



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