Monday, 15 January 2007

Guest Roast Review: Bowgie Inn, Crantock, Newquay

The amount you were given was MASSIVE, bigger than at most pubs. A meat sized dish filled with different things. A fair selection of veg (once again heaped on the plate rather than a side dish), roast and boiled potatoes as well as a slab of stuffing and a couple of yorkshire puddings (bit strange for pork, but there you go). Lots of gravy, can’t say if it was too salty or not, Laurence says it was just fine.. The surroundings were comfortable, lots of space seeing as we didn’t book, but the best seating area over looking the sea was in the main bar and children were not allowed in there, as well as it being fairly smokey in that section..

We think that the roast was around £8.95 which is a bit pricey, but you do get a lot of food for that. Too much for us mere mortals, but Laurence did say he could finish it if really hungry.

We think it should get 7/10 (I think closer to 6, but as Laurence tried the roast his opinion rules!).

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Lol and Pol

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