Monday, 19 February 2007

Great Restormel Roast Review: The Dolphin Inn, Grampound. GRRR#5

The Feb the 10th discovery of The Grampound Line forced our hand regarding the most recent GRRR - we would need to visit this ancient township and investigate. So, armed with the original map, that showed the G Line, off we went with our dual mission objectives:

Primary Objective: Survey the Grampound Line

Initial explorations of the line and its penumbra revealed nothing unusual for the region. Visual clarity was equal either side and the absence of blurriness so evident in the map made us think that strange machinations were afoot.

We had a number of paths before us. To ascend the straddling valley and find a vantage point from whence we could apprehend the Grampound Line and make judgment thereof. To visit the church and check the parish records for mention of the Grampound Line or evidence suggesting its origination. To follow the line along its axis in the hope that there might be some hidden feature in the land itself which could shed light on Cornwall’s most ludicrous feature.

Taking heed of the first rule of exploration - never explore when hungry – we postponed the Primary Objective and decided we should complete the Secondary Objective first.

Secondary Objective: Eat a Pub Roast

The Dolphin Inn is unusual for Cornish Pubs because it straddles exactly and equally the Grampound Line. Walking in you got the feeling that the locals either didn’t know about the G Line’s existence or… perhaps had something to hide. We pretended to be normal pub lunchers rather than G-Line investigators. There were six adults and two kids. Rob, one of the adults is an accomplished roast eater who some Sundays is rumored to eat at least two roasts.


  • The Beef - This was good. A little fatty but tender, tasty and cooked close to perfection.
  • The Roasties - Not bad at all.
  • The Veg - good selection, it seemed fresh and cooked close to just right.
  • The Gravey – This was nice.
  • The Price - £6.95


  • The Yorkshires - I have a sneaking suspicion these were from the same place as the Ship Inn, Pentewan.
  • The Chef’s Trousers.

Score and Conclusion

The Dolphin Inn’s Sunday Roasts are the second best we have reviewed so far. We are not sure if this is because of some arcane rite connected to the Pub’s position on The Grampound Line or if they have a good chef who knows how to do a good roast.

Grampound is in a nifty position for a stop-off roast if your galavanting around Midcornwall on a Sunday. A hearty recommendation:


1st The Western Inn, St Austell – 8/10

2nd The Dolphin, St Austell – 7.5/10

3rd The Britannia Inn, St Austell – 7/10

4th The Polgooth Inn, Polgooth – 6/10

5th The Ship Inn, Pentewan - 5/10

6th The Ship Inn, Lerynn – 4/10

After the meal we decided to forgo the Objective One and head home, it was late, kids were restless, tired etc etc

Please note the meat above is beef and not Dolphin.

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