Friday, 2 February 2007

Western Inn In Al Quaida Paella Scandal

We were going to go out for dinner with my mum and dad and the kids tonight to a gastro-pub in Newquay, thanks to The Times' 'Eat out For A Tenner for Two Courses' promotion. Unfortunately, my domestic assistant lost the vouchers so we were at a loss. Where to go? The thought process went a little something like this: "Its the Wezzer, Seven Stars or White Hart?" "Wezzer?" "Yeah." Now we feel a bit on edge because we reviewed them as part of the GRRR and they got a good score and we don't want to be seen as in any way biased. It's hard, don't ya know. But I think it's fair to say that collectively we were all very impartial for the review. Let's not focus to much... instead let's just give the lowdown:
  • Half of us had the special from the main dinner menu. The special menu was just under a tenner for starter, side dish and main. There was a good selection of Spanish food but.... see below.
  • The fish and chips, eaten by my mum, was described initially as a 9 out of 10. I had to batter her down. "What, are you crazy, woman!!! Are you saying it's up there with the best ever fish and chips ever? That's what a ten is, don't ya hear me!!!" After some thought it was given an 8/10. I'd like to add that my mum, aka The Angemeister, thought the fish was as good in quality and cooking as Rick Stein's fish and chip shop restaurant/haberdashery.
  • The mussels - we had two types. The marinere and the Spanish. The standard marinere was far better in flavour than the themed version. Great quality Fowey river Mussels.
  • The Vegetarian - The vegetarian with us was pretty blown away by her starter, a patatas bravas/ alli oli combo (8.5/10).
  • The Paella - This was Spanish night and there was no Paella. Thats like having an Indian night and not having curry. They did have a vegetarian paella but as this lacked saffron it cannot be classed as paella under new EU directive 200/13/EC. However, my domestic assistant did rate this mockery of a Spanish main course an above average 7/10, even with the missing crocus jizz.

The Western Inn isn't a restaurant. It isn't a gastro-pub. It is an unassuming local that has recently started doing some unexpectedly impressive food. For me the best assessment of it is that my folks, who are pretty critical of things (such as me, and everything I have ever done or not not done. Why can't you just let me be me?!) were pleasantly surprised at the quality, service and atmosphere (apart from the smoke).

Viva La Wezzer!

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