Saturday, 2 June 2007

Police issue new warning about the "Truro Switch"

Truro police today issued a second warning to drinkers in Truro about the new underground practice amongst bar staff, the "Truro Switch". Chief Inspector Leslie Grantham warned that "though not a health risk per se, the Truro Switch is irresponsible and against the 1968 Trades Description Act."

The Truro Switch is based upon the "Cowboy Switch", popular in the GoGo bars of Bangkok and Manila during the Vietnam war. American vets on R&R would be surreptitiously given the switch in order to make them more amiable to the limitless immoral promiscuity that was on offer.

Truro may lack the hookers and the battle-mashed amputees but it seems it has its own version, and reports are that the craze is sweeping through the area's bar-staff fraternity. It is somewhere between an epidemic and a local pandemic.

If you have been on the bad end of a Truro Switich let us know, email blog at midcornwall dot com

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