Monday, 30 July 2007

Newsflash: Cornwall has dropped to being only slightly less lethargic than Devon

Last week saw two comparative failures for Cornwall. Firstly there was the failure of the spirit of democracy in England, about Cornwall. Secondly there was Cornwall sliding down the rankings of regional lethargy.

Cornwall, normally low on the lethargy charts crept up, past the West Midlands to sit just below Devon, a position it hasn't held since 1984 and the Cornwall Coliseum's crucial role in Live Aid.

"Cornish non-lethargy is generally world class, at least for Western Europe," said CLA spokesman Wendle K Montezuma. "Devon has had a slight drop in lethargy thanks to that new shopping mall in Plymouth, but that shouldn't explain this dip. This is off the scale."

In related news, William Hill have just announced 4:15.9 against Cornwall beating Brighton and Hove.


Kendal King Pin said...

You gotta help us just a bit here, guys - what the ferk?

Mat Ripley said...

Its clearly an anti-post-modern quazi-satirical parody of the undemocratic machinations that have lead to the establishment of the imminent Unitary Authority. With a mild substrate of daftness:p