Friday, 13 July 2007

Review: Kasbah Seafood Platter, Truro

I get a lot of people asking me, every single day: "Whats the best thing about writing the The MidCornwall Blog?" Sure, it's great to have chicks on tap, as many as I want, 24/7. It's great to have an endless stream of cash, drugs and free pasties. Its great to know that 90% of people in Cornwall only have a computer because of But most of all, I'm in it for the platters.

You can take away my liberty and my dignity, but provide me with an oversized plate covered with a selection of various tasty morsels and frankly, I'm anyone's.

The Seafood Platter at the Kasbah is just a rock and roll fishy excuse to eat. Loads of different fish and shellfish, some fresh, some marinated... all really good. Could do with some olives or what have you, as it's pretty much all fish. But if you like fish, and you like platters, well, how wrong can you go with such a good seafood platter? And it only costs seven squid, which is not bad considering you can get a sandwich nearby costing £4.50.

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