Monday, 20 August 2007

Newquay Hotel Fire - A Personal Account

Yesterday I got this email from my friend Chris, (printed with permission):

alright dude hows things?

u seen the news?

that fire was directly opposite where i live we have all been evacuated out while the investigations and demolitions go on.

it was fucking savage the fire was so bad, i ran outside when i first realised a fire had started only to see a man smash through a window on the top floor of the hotel and jump out, i ran over to save his ass, and ended up in the gulleys of the hotel whilst things were bloody exploding above me saving this dude until the ambulances arrived, then when i thought i could get out of there i had to stay and help this guy with the ambulance man, all the while police put riot sheilds above my head to help protect me and the paramedic, at this point i did notice everyone had helmets on but me...i couldnt help but feel a little left out. was not a fun time!
anyhows back on my computer and internet now.

hope all is good


Bonkers. And big big respect to Chris.


Anonymous said...

dont you just love email etiquette - the end of formality as we know it...

there's chris giving us a personal pacy graphic account, akin to the new york fire service during 9/11, and our cornish hero signs off with

hope all good


well done chris for putting yourself at risk trying to help others!

Mat Ripley said...


Anonymous said...


Yo. Seen this site?

Made me think of midcornwall blog, the passionate ramblings of tea and biscuits. You should do a pasty (flaky/shortcrust) debate.

My 2ps worth - Philps in Hayle = best, Jolly Fat Man in Illogan close 2nd. Portreath = worst. When my old mam worked in Portreath bakery as a pasty crimper, they were the best.

Hm, talking of mums, my mum says her Aunty Olly is related to Dolly Pentreath
( ) but my mum is known for tall stories too, so I'm not sure about that one.



Anonymous said...

Oh, yeah. I forgot to say, my mate who is a builder, dips his pasty IN HIS TEA!

And then eats it.

With a smile plastered over his stupid face.

I mean - pastry + meat + gravy + pepper in your tea? Mental.


fireman999 said...

Do you know what time the fire started? The Crimewatch programme showed the call being made at 11.37pm but the Chief Fire Officer stated that they did not get a call until 17 minutes past midnight. Anyone know the truth?