Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Cathedral Shafted by the Book

In order to raise some money for God (or whatever Cathedrals need money for), Truro Cathedral decided to sell of some of its antiquarian library. It sold some books for just under 40k last year - the price being based on a valuation paid for by the Diocese in 2002, plus a lil' extra for the years.

Thats all good, until it transpires that the Books get sold recently for half a million at Sotheby's

God is not happy.

Nor is the Dioceses, understandably so.


Anonymous said...

600 year old books and - what? Let me get this straight, the boss dude sold them to the first bloke he met on the street? WTF?! I can imagine the guy saying "Hm, second hand you say? A bit tatty lookin', and this one isn't even spelt right 'Ye Olde Bible - First Edition' But seeing as it's you, I'll give you a tenner."

eBay dude - e-fucking-BAY

Some people are so dumb they make fence posts look smart.

Anonymous said...

I guess the Church has to make money some how to pay for the lawsuits heading their way.